JKLF zonal organizer Bashir Kashmiri booked under PSA, shifted to Kot-Balwal jail.

This is the kind of police oppression that is responsible for pushing our generations towards the armed path: JKLF chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik

Srinagar : Zonal organizer of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Bashir Ahmad Kashmiri who was in police custody from 12th December 2018 has been booked under black law Public Safety Act (PSA) and shifted to Kot-Balwal Jail toady. JKLF zonal organizer was arrested by police for organizing peaceful candle light protests against human rights violations in Jammu Kashmir. He was charged under various acts and finally when he got bail in all cases, police today booked him under PSA and immediately shifted him to Kot-Balwal Jail. He was shifted to jail from Maisuma police station and even his family that is residing only a few minutes away from the said police station was not informed by police. Terming his arrest, execution of PSA on him and shifting him to Jammu without any prior information to his family as arbitrary, oppressive and revengeful, JKLF Chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik has said that only crime that Bashir Ahmad Kashmiri committed is that he was promoting peaceful struggle and participated in a most refined, internationally well-established peaceful candlelight protests at the eve of international human rights day. From 01st day of these candlelight protests during which not even a leaf got disturbed or insect harmed, police authorities took it as against its monarchial behavior and started a ferocious crackdown against JRL leaders and activists, added JKLF chairman. He said that many JRL leaders were arrested, activists caged, houses raided and every tyrannical measure was taken by police and civil administration to stop peaceful candlelight protests. Police launched hunt against Bashir Ahmad Kashmiri also and arrested him in a nocturnal raid on 12th December 2018, He was forced to spend almost one month in police stations and today was booked under PSA and without any prior information shifted to Kot-Balwal jail. Such is the tyrannical behavior of Police that Bashir Kashmiri was not allowed to meet his children or family neither was his family informed prior to his shift, added Yasin Malik . JKLF chairman said that booking a peaceful political man in such a way is a testimony of police and civil administration nexus and also glaring example of how police and administration are hell-bent upon promoting violence and choking every little space of peaceful politics in Kashmir. Bashir Ahmad Kashmiri has been booked under PSA in vengeance because his peaceful activities irritated the colonial mindset of police authorities who in self-styled manner have become monarchs of their respective areas and regions. JKLF chairman said that this is the kind of police oppression and behavior against peaceful youth, activists and leaders that are responsible for pushing our generations towards the armed path and by continuing this oppressive behavior, police and civil administration at the behest of their political masters are actually promoting and glamorizing violence and violent means in Jammu Kashmir. JKLF chairman said that jails, police stations, torture and torment is not new for political activists and leaders but as in past, it will not yield anything to police, civil administration and their political masters in future too. Stressing upon the need of prompt and immediate action by International human rights organizations and groups, JKLF chairman said that Kashmiris are being subjected to every-kind of undemocratic and un-civilized oppression by India and it is duty of the international community to intervene and save Kashmiris from Indian wrath.