Kashmiri Seminary Students Reflect Kashmir Pain at Model OIC Summit in Iran

To End Kashmir crises, open result oriented Dialogue process Waseem Reza to India and Pakistan

Mashhad:The 4th International Model OIC held in Mashhad, Iran from 22nd Oct to 28th Oct 2017 with the participation of 100 students from 40 the top tier Universities in the OIC Member States.Model OIC International program is mandated activity of ICYF-DC approved by the OIC Council of Foreign Ministers and aiming to achive the related goals set by the OIC ten year program of Action.

The summit aims at increasing political and cultural Knowledge of Muslim scholars, Intellectuals, researchers and imbibe them with latest skills of diplomacy and dialogue.
Two young Kashmiri seminary students of Al Mustafa (SAWW) International University Waseem Reza and Syed Owais Abbas Mosavi participated in the prestigious event.

During 5 days,conferences, discussion panels,workshops and simulations were organized over the subjects of Human Rights, National Security, Common Market and Islamphobia in OIC countries.

Waseem Reza expressed concern over the plight of Muslim Ummah especially with reference to growing intellectual decay and sectarian terrorism, calling for end to extremism of all shades.oic2While Condemning the killing of innocents in Palestine, Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Bahrain, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Kashmir Waseem Reza appealed Muslim governments to work unitedly for the safeguard of muslims and humanity.He blamed some muslims goverments for supproting ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, Taliban and others who badly wounded and defamed the image of Islam and Muslims.

Waseem Reza stated that”Kashmir is a conflict between three parties India-Pakistan and Kashmir.Since 1947 more than lac kashmir being killed due to violence in Kashmir and since more than 100 days curfew has crippled the life of common people besides more than 90 got killed while 12000 wounded and hundreds have lost their eyesight due to pellet gun.”He said that Kashmir is a peaceful movement and Kashmir nation is fighting politically while gun has no role in Kashmir.The need of the hour is to resolve the Kashmir dispute through result oriented dialogue process and implement UN resolution.

Aga Syed Owais Abbas Mosavi condemned the human rights violation across the globe and termed the action of DAESH and other terroristic organizations is muslims countries as unislamic and unhuman.

While expressing sorrow and worry over the innocents killings in Kashmir,Syed Owais Abbas Mosavi appealed India and Pakistan to solve long pending Kashmir issue peacefully without wasting time through talks between three parties.

On the sidelines of the Conference Waseem Reza and Aga Syed Owais Abbas met with Advisor to Turkism PM Ali Osman,President 4th Model OIC Summit,ICYF-DC & Counselor MFA,The Republic of Azerbaijan Elshad Iskandarov,Mayor of Mashhad Syed Solat Mortazavi and different shades of world.oic-3The 4th International Model-OIC (4th IMOIC) held  in Mashhad, Iran, with participation of 100 students from 40 the top-tier Universities include Turkey,  Pakistan, Afghanistan, Jordan, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Mozambique, Philippines, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Georgia, Somalia, Bangladesh, Egypt, Ghana, Nigeria, Serbia, Uganda, Turkmenistan, Sudan, Yemen, and Lebanon.

The event was attended by Deputy Foreign Ministerof Iran Abbas Araqchi, Turkish Parliment Member,Cultural and Islamic Guidance Minister of Iran, Advisor to Turkish PM and many dignitaries of Muslim World. Scholars Wasim Reza, Aga Syed Owais Abbas participated in the prestigious event.A joint visit was offered to the Holy Shrine of 8th Successor of Holy Prophet (S) Hazrat Imam Ali Reza (as) Mashhad and prayers were made for peace and security of Muslim World.Last a joint resolution was passed by the delegates.

It`s here to mentioned that Mashhad city of Iran will be announced as the Cultural Capital of World by OIC in April 2017.