Kashmir’s will not accept any Toying with the future of our youngsters: Yasin Malik

JKLF To Hold a protest rally and sit in against this Indian Oppression 
tomorrow on Friday 7th march after Friday prayers at Lal Chowk

 Srinagar: Kashmir’s will not accept any Toying with the future of our youngsters. Oppressive measures against Kashmiri students in Meerut, beating them and now lodging a FIR of treason against them is a reflection of India’s animosity against people of Jammu Kashmir. To show solidarity with these oppressed students, and protest against the Indian operation against them, JKLF will organize a protest rally and sit in at Lal Chowk tomorrow. This was stated by the chairman JKLF Mohammad Yasin Malik while speaking to Media person on the issue of expelled Kashmiri students.

Yasin Malik said that expelling students from university, beating them and now registering a case of treason against them just because these people chose to cheer for some team during a cricket match is actually a shameful act of Indian rulers and cannot be termed but as mental and moral bankruptcy of these rulers. This shows the level of frustration and animosity of India against Kashmir’s. Yasin Malik said that in the whole world people rising above the politics, nationhood and other things like or dislikes games and teams playing those games. They cheer and share joy or sorrow as per their will and desire and there is no discrimination shown on this in the whole world.  But ironically Kashmiri students are being targeted just because Indian cricket team lost a match and these boys chose to cheer for the winning team. These boys are beaten and after a day are served an expulsion notice signed by vice chancellor of the university. What is more agonizing is that now a case of treason has been registered against these young boys.
Yasin Malik said that this childish behavior of Indian authorities has actually exposed its tall claims of democracy and openness. In this nation wild animal rights are protected but the rights of humans are tarnished which is highly immoral and inhuman added Yasin.
He said that people of Jammu Kashmir cannot remain silent spectators on this issue. We cannot watch our young ones, their careers and future ruined .therefore Kashmiris will protest against this oppressive behavior of Indian state and authorities and tomorrow on 7th march 2014, after Friday prayers JKLF will organize a protest rally and sit in at Lal Chowk.
Yasin Malik appealed to human rights groups of the world; civil societies and Conscientious people around to come out openly in support of these students who are being discriminated only because they are Kashmiris and save them and their future from the Indian wrath.