Khurshid Alam looted CAPD, made huge property: Akbar Lone

SRINAGAR: While reacting over the statement of People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Khurshid Alam, Senior Leader National Conference (NC) said that ‘a bad workman always blames his tools’.

He said it is like, “ulta chor kotwal ko dante”. While speaking to News agency Press Trust of Kashmir Akbar Lone said, “Everything from loot, blackmailing, all have done by PDP”.

Akbar Lone asked, “Where from Khurshid Alam got all the property.”How many vehicles you (Alam) have on your own name, Lone asked.

Akbar Lone added, “Khurshid Alam was a small employee. Where from he got this much property. He was a Looter. He looted in CAPD food department.

Lone further added that he was in touch with PDP and then he became an MLC. “He should tell people where from he got all this property”.

“Rather than learning from the breakup with BJP, PDP has become more arrogant and is more obsessed with its agenda of spreading the poison of hatred,” he said.

Lone added, “He looted rice from the department and then he made lot of property and now he is talking about Sagar Sahab.

Lone added Mufti Mohammad Sayeed has done everything against people of Kashmir. “PDP’s tall rhetoric has fallen flat on its face and this recent list of the JKVIB is another proof of PDP’s insidious and nepotistic style of politics. Most of the people figuring in the final list issued by KVIB are either children of close associates of PDP leaders or have direct patronage from the powers that be,”.

He added PDP owing to the dearth of leadership in its fold is employing those with corrupt back ground to absolve Mufti’s of their undaunted attacks on state’s special status. “Posterity will never forgive Mufti’s for destroying state’s special character. PDP allow BJP to entre Kashmir and destroy the real status of Kashmir”, he said.

He added that National conference care about the feeling of people and always tries its best to solve all the issue of Kashmir Lone added. (PTK)