“Lust stories”: Wife catches husband with another woman, beats him with sandal; video goes viral

A woman thrashed her husband in full public view after she caught him with another woman in a hotel in Agra

A video of the woman thrashing her husband with sandals has gone viral.

In the video, the husband is seen apologizing to the woman, but she continues to thrash him and his girlfriend. The whole incident was reportedly recorded by the daughter of the couple.

“Hotel Ke Kamre Main Dusri Mahila Sang Pakadagaya Pati, Dekhte Hi Patni ne chappal se pita (Wife catches husband red-handed with another lady in a hotel room, beats him with sandal), “ reads the caption.

The video has evoked hilarious reactions from netizens. “Bhai itna honekae Badh dono ko pakka divorce hojayega,” said one.

“Well done,” said another.