Massive unemployment main sources of militancy in Kashmir, Says BJP leader

Srinagar: Citing unemployment and lack of infrastructure as reasons for militancy in Kashmir Valley, senior BJP leader and National Vice President Youth Engineer Ajaz Hussain Monday said that the lack of accountability and rampant corruption has given rise to massive unemployment.

He said it is shocking to know that highly qualified youth are seeking menial jobs and are getting meagre salaries. “Unemployed youth are frustrated and those who work on meagre salaries want to get rid of their miseries by picking up gun. These youth find salvation in gun only,” he said.

Ajaz Hussain said that it was the obligation of successive governments to create employment opportunities but these governments miserably failed. “Ironically, fingers are frequently being raised on recruitment agencies for their biased and corrupt practices. Governor Administration should make recruitment agencies accountable so that they won’t exploit the qualified youth,” he said adding that unemployment has caused frustration among the youth and the roots of militancy lies there.