Meet Aziz ur Rehman who carve ornaments from animal bones

Srinagar: Twenty two year old Aziz Ur Rehaman from Gulabagh area of Srinagar is earning by his talent of carving ornaments by animal bones.

The practice is called bone crafting. Such an art practice is unique in Kashmir.

Talking to the news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO) Aziz said, “I make different things from the bones of animals—like jewellery, keychains, knives, and other decorative items.”

“I have always been interested in art and creating things, right from my childhood, I have been making things with the bones of animals from the last two years and in the lockdown I got a chance to nurture my talent,” he said.

Aziz said he was fascinated with carving things out of scrap bones after watching his mother make Harissa (a meat delicacy in Kashmir consumed in winters).

“While making Harissa, you have to boil the meat at such a level that large chunks of meat fall off the bones. When my mother discarded the bones, I took one large bone and carved a knife out of it. I made a small pendant kind of knife and received a lot of appreciation for it on social media,” Aziz said.

“Once the carved art pieces are ready, I take pictures of them and post them on my social media platform for sale. Many people have bought my art pieces for their uniqueness,” he said.

“Earlier my parents didn’t support me as they thought I was wasting my time but today they appreciate me for it. They think it’s better than wasting my time and life in immoral activities,” Aziz said—(KNO)