Modi has made ‘huge strategic mistake’ in JK, brought China and Pakistan together: Rahul Gandhi

NEW DELHI: Senior Congress politician and MP Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday accused the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi of “bringing China and Pakistan” together and making a “huge strategic mistake” in Jammu and Kashmir.

Attacking the BJP led Government of India, Gandhi said that the country has been surrounded by adversaries on all sides and is isolated in the region.

“The nation is at risk from outside and inside and I don’t like that. This worries me,” NDTV quoted Gandhi as saying.

“The strategic goal of India should have been to keep China and Pakistan separate. But what you have done is to bring them together. Do not underestimate what we are facing. This is a serious threat to India,” he said, adding that we made a “huge strategic mistake” in Jammu and Kashmir, possibly

The Congress MP also claimed that India didn’t have a guest for January 26 event this year because the country is “completely isolated and surrounded”.

“We are surrounded in Nepal, Afghanistan, China,” the report said quoting Gandhi, calling it “the single biggest crime against the people of India”.–(Agencies)