Noora Hospital brings Phillips 128 CT scanner to Kashmir

Radiation-free technology will strengthen pvt health sector

Srinagar: Srinagar-based Noora Hospital Saturday launched ‘Phillips 128 Slice ingenuity CT scanner’, first of its kind facility in the private health sector in Jammu and Kashmir.
CEO Noora Hospital, Manzoor Wagay on the launching ceremony said: “It is a moment of great felicitation, gratitude and prestige for the hospital to introduce the new CT scanner, which is going to offer cutting edge technology in quick diagnosis and treatment to the patients in Kashmir.”
He said the facility will not only benefit the patients through low dosage of radiation, “it will also enable the doctors at Noora Hospital to undertake new procedures which were not possible till now.”
He said they have fulfilled promise to get the best CT scanner to the people of Valley.
“The best feature of this CT scanner with its outstanding performance is that it emits less radiation and provides high clarity results. So, now people of the Valley need not worry about the hazards of radiation and the clarity of the scans,” he said.
He said the patients from the Valley go to the hospitals outside state because they do not get effective treatment in the state and the treatment outside the state is very expensive.
He said that Noora Hospital has embarked on a journey of providing best health care services to the people and that is the factor which motivates “us to invest in the best technology.”
“We want people get an effective and a low cost treatment while sitting here,” he said.
Wagay said that Noora Hospital has built a strategic plan to ensure its mission endures, which is to provide best quality health care services to every individual at an affordable cost, which is consistent with the highest customer satisfaction, transparency and ethical medical practices.
“NOORA Hospital has also procured Carl’s Opmi Vairo microscope and this tool is currently available only in this institute. This microscope is known throughout the world for microsurgeries like ENT, SPINE etc.” he added.
“We believe that to achieve our mission, the only way ahead is to upgrade our infrastructure which not only includes building, but more importantly advanced medical equipment. We need to provide our doctors with the latest tools to reach their full potential and care for the patients, and those tools include advanced medical technology. The road ahead is full of challenges, but  Noora will continue its growth path with a strong focus on patient care and up gradation to newer and better technology. We are also planning to procure the MRI machine and install Cath lab,” he said.
Wagay said that he would like to take this opportunity to thank his father who is also the chairman of “the hospital for always being there to support and guide us.”
“Without him it would not have been possible to achieve this milestone. He has been a guiding force, a mentor and an inspiration both on personal as well as professional front,” he said.