Politicians across the divide not about LG Sinha’s development, peace talks

Governors come and go: Farooq Abdullah

Only time will tell how he delivers: GH Mir

Govt should first respect sentiment of Kashmiris: Justice Masoodi

Sending LGs here is routine: Fayaz Mir

Srinagar: Politicians of various political parties share a mixed response over the Mission Development talk of the newly appointed Lt Governor Manish Sinha.

Taking on KNS, NC President Dr Farooq Abdullah said, “Governors come and go. What kind of expectation can I have from him?”

Jammu and Kashmir Apni Party Senior Leader Ghulam Hassan Mir who attended the oath-taking ceremony of LG Sinha said that only time will tell how he can deliver. “Peace is a two-way process- His efforts and efforts of the people. Peace is essential for development. He has experienced politician and has administrative experience. His track record is clean. However, J&K is a sensitive place. Time will tell about his actions and how he can deliver,” he told KNS.

Justice Hasnain Masoodi, National Conference MP who represents restive south Kashmir said Government of India should respect sentiments of people, then only peace and development will happen. “Development is not possible without peace. The Government figures itself reflects the ground situation of the last year. We have heard these claims and talks before also. We have 5000 hotel rooms. But where are tourists? The present LG is one of the top 100 leaders of BJP. Obviously they would have sent him here with some agenda. Changes in faces won’t help anything unless there is a change in policy, attitude and approach towards Kashmir.GOI has to first respect the sentiments of Kashmiris.”

PDP Member Parliament Fayaz Ahmed Mir said he did not attend the oath-taking ceremony and it amounted to attestation of downgrading the special status of J&K. On being asked about the slogan of development by Lt Governor on his first day here, he said, “Governor Satya Pal Malik also said same. When centre sent G C Murmu, they declared this is the beginning of Naya Kashmir. But he was removed in a jiffy and what he changed here In a year! Nothing. Today a person succumbed of injuries due to shelling by the Pakistani army. Kashmiris are getting killed on a daily basis whether he is a civilian or affiliated with any party. Talks should start. No one is talking about Kashmiris who are dying every day. Sending LGs by GOI here is routine. Whatever we had; everything was snatched. GOI should first restore the special status of J&K. This is our right.”(KNS)