PUBG addiction causes severe headache to teenager, advised to stop playing PUBG

Srinagar, January 24: While PUBG addiction and Android phone gaming disorders is talk of town after Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) sounded alert and described it as ‘more serious than drug addiction’, a first case of PUBG addiction was diagnosed at Government Health Centre Dargah Srinagar.

An adolescent male who presented to facility with right eye pain and persistent headache was diagnosed as suffering from PUBG addiction and doctor has advised him to stop playing the game.

Pertinently, Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) and different religious organizations have sounded alert and advised teachers, preachers, parents to restrain their kids from playing such games.

“Gaming disorders” is now recognized disease in medical sciences recently coined by world health organization and if people are not educated about the adverse outcome of PUBG game, it will destroy future of whole generation.

“We have seen boys traveling to other districts to play internet game when internet services were snapped in their district . These kids have developed psychiatric and behavioural disturbances. They have developed lot of problems in Social, interpersonal and family relations also. (KNO)