Public Services Guarantee Act dying silent death in JK

Several offices keep no file record, display no info on notice boards

Srinagar: Several offices in Jammu and Kashmir have been undermining the much hyped Jammu and Kashmir Public Services Guarantee Act (JKPSGA) as they least record of timely delivery of the government services, hence making the act a one more failure on ground.
The state government enacted JKPSGA 2011 which came into force on August 10, 2011. The act was ought to provide delivery to the people of the state within the stipulated time limit and relate to the matters connected therewith and incidental thereto.
However, reports are coming to fore that various departments in Jammu and Kashmir government are keeping no records of the public delivery system, hence leaving the act limited to the rule books only and absent on ground.
It was informed that several Designated Offices (DOs) in government departments least bother about maintaining a register in a prescribed form wherein necessary details such as name and address of the applicant, service for which the application is given, last date of the stipulated time limit, application allowed or disallowed and date/ details of the order passed are to be recorded.
The officials, as per the act, have to mention the necessary time limit for every application they receive under the guidelines of the act. However, it has been found during the initial investigations by the government that most of the offices do not adhere to the guidelines laid down by the JKPSGA and that the heads of several departments are reluctant to issue acknowledgments to the applicants. “It is being informed that due to the heavy rush of the applications and scarcity of the staff, it is not becoming possible for various government departments to issue acknowledgments for the applications they receive for various government services,” divulges an official.
Furthermore, the act at the time of its inception made it mandatory for the government departments to display all the relevant information related to the services provided on the notice board installed at a prominent place in the government office for public knowledge and also in the public domain. Also, the necessary to be attached with the application for obtaining notified services are also to be displayed on the notice board so that people would come to know about the procedure of seeking services under the act. However, there are also handful of departments who have adhered to the guidelines of the act while others preferred to keep the routine order in vogue. Ironically, no action is being taken against the departments who haven’t displayed the required information related to the act on their respective notice boards. This is happening despite the fact that under the guidelines of the act, event of non-display of such information in the public domain appropriate action is to be initiated against the department by the competent authority. However, there has not been even a single action against any department that hasn’t adhered to the guidelines of the act. (KNS)