Teen kills cousin for playing games on cell phone, dumps body in well

Ahmedabad, May 27: In a bone-chilling incident, a 16-year boy killed his 12-year-old cousin in cold blood in Gujarat’s Kheda district over the issue of playing games on a cellphone.

The cousins were visiting their fathers in Gobhalaj village in the Kheda district of Gujarat. When their parents went to work leaving them unsupervised, the two boys decided to play out in the fields.

Later the younger cousin pulled out a smartphone to play online games. The 16-year-old boy felt left out and demanded his cousin hand over the phone. The younger boy refused to part with his prized possession. This led to a heated debate between the two brothers.

In the heat of the moment, the 16-year-old struck his younger brother with a heavy stone. Later, he tied the body with heavy stones and threw it in the local well. The elder brother did not return home after this incident and fled to his Damsath in Banswara district in Rajasthan. Rajasthan. When neither of the brothers returned home the worried parents started contacting relatives in their hometown.

The relatives brought the 16-year-old back to Gobhalaj village and strictly asked him the whereabouts of the younger brother. The elder brother cracked under pressure and regaled the whole incident. The parents and other family members were horrified when the 16-year-old accepted the crime.

The police filed a case under murder offenses. The boy was presented before the court in Nadiad where he was ordered to be sent to an observation home. This case is an eye-opener for all the parents who don’t realize that the rise in mobile games is guilty of increasing the violent activities of minors. With PTI inputs