Tiger Befriends Goat Who Was Given To Him As Live Food

By: Olivia

Predators can become friends with their prey. They build a special bond with their “live” food instead of eating them. Some people may get doubted about this but it actually happens.

Friendship has no barrier. It can beat all the odds in this world.

This is what happens with Amur the tiger and Timur the goat in Primorye Safari Park. Timur was placed in Amur’s cage as live food but it didn’t happen in the way that zookeepers thought.

The predator and the prey befriended each other. Timur the prey was supposed to be afraid of its predator but it wasn’t. Amur was confused and gave up on its prey. A lifelong friendship between the fearless goat and the majestic animal blossomed. Amazing!

You can watch the beautiful friendship of the tiger and the goat below.

YouTube video

Their special relationship even made their caretakers astonished. The reason was that Amur still ate live animals. The tiger had never behaved this way before. Refuse to eat the prey given to him, even befriend it.

The odd friends loved spending time together. They played, walked, hunted, and just had fun all together. Their friendship lasted until Timur the goat passed away.

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H/T: Kingdomstv