Voters are ‘bunch of thugs’, says Tufail’s dad

Srinagar: Father of a slain teenager Tufail Matto Wednesday said that those who cast vote in this ‘fascist system’ are ‘not humans’ and are ‘bunch of thugs’.

Muhammad Ashraf Matto, who son Tufail was killed after police fired a teargas shell at his head in Rajouri Kadal area of downtown on June 11 2010, slammed the voters and said: “This is a fascist system. The thugs, looters are getting elected. Those who cast vote are electing those whose hands are spilled with the blood of innocents.”

Matto who has been fighting for the justice of his son said: These rulers have wiped out a whole generation. They have not only killed my son but hundreds of others and most of them were teenagers.” He added: “absolutely those who cast vote are not humans.”

“Why should I vote? Here we have no democracy. It is a human run fascist system. Those who vote elect murderers and these voters are endorsing these murderers,” he said.

Raising fingers on the impartiality of lections, he said these elections are being held under ‘heavy military presence’ Matto, a resident of Old City’s Saida Kadal, which sided with the boycott call of pro-freedom leaders, said: “These murderers will get elected even if only one percent voting takes place. Their job is to oppress people. This is not the democracy where a minority rules majority.”

Referring to 28 per cent turnout in Anantnag constituency, Ashraf said: “72 per cent people rejected elections and didn’t vote. But, they will still get elected because here is no true democracy.”

While slamming Chief Minister Omar Abdullah, he said: “If Omar Abdullah’s son gets killed like my son was killed, tell me will he cast his vote?” “You have killed innocents. You have robbed my son from me,” Ashraf said.

While blaming CM and ruling National Conference for ‘sufferings of Kashmir people, he said: “I hold Omar and NC responsible for the suffering of Kashmiris. They have committed atrocities on the people of Kashmir.” He said these people should be ‘grilled in the court of law’.

“CM is responsible for the murder of youth and teenagers. He is after his personal gains and they matter more for him.”

He added: “My conscious will not allow me to vote. These people are mafias and gangsters.” (GNS)