Wake-up call: Brain tumour linked with the use of cell phone

Srinagar, July 26 : The potential connection between cell phones and its harmful effect on the brain is controversial. On the occasion of Brain Tumour Awareness Month and World Brain Tumour Day, let’s focus our attention on symptoms and therapeutic strategies to fight this epidemiology. The rapid rise in communication technology has given rise to the inseparable relationship with the mobile phones.

Brain tumours are eithermalignantorbenign. A malignant tumour, also known brain cancer, grows quickly and often invades or crowds healthy areas of the brain. Benign brain tumors do not contain cancer cells and are usually slow growing.

The biggest myth believed by the people is that brain tumour is cancerous. However, some tumours are benign, which clearly means they do not spread to other organs, whereas the others can be cancerous. The main concern begins when the tumour begins to develop which is associated with the use of cell phone.

Set a time watch

The best a person can do to avoid any illness is by sleeping when it’s night and stay awake during the day. Several studies have asserted that the use of mobile phone emit radiations from their antennas. The tissues that are physically close to the antenna absorb the same energy, invariably developing high risk of brain cancer. It’s suggested, pregnant woman, kids and adolescents should avoid getting in direct touch with the cell phone, rather it’s safe to use a headphone or headsets. Also, either ways it’s dangerous to speak on the cell phone for a longer duration.

Excessive exposure to radiofrequency radiation due to the use of mobile phones has dramatically increased. The radiofrequency radiation has a carcinogenic effect which could be an important factor in regards to deterioration of health. Usually, the radiation induced tumours have an induction period of close to 10 years; however in some cases the induction period could be shorter. To minimize your contact, keep your cell phone conversations short. Utilize a hands-free device or use your speaker phone.

Myths about Brain Tumours

All brain tumours are the same

The one’s in a high radiation environment might be prone to brain tumour/cancer

All brain tumour patients show similar signs and symptoms

Brain tumours do not relapse

All tumours are cancerous

Brain Tumour can affect/occur only in older age group

Healthy Guidelines for your Brain
Fortunately, the tool to prevent brain tumour is very much under our control, it depends on the kind of lifestyle that you carry. When it comes to your diet, try making healthy choices, exercise regularly and avoid direct touch with carcinogens in your environment.

Try to get enough sound sleep

Practice stress reduction techniques and breathe in frankincense oil

Consume a diet which contains cancer fighting nutrients

Follow Ketogenic diet

Text instead of talking

Avoid radio-frequency devices like cell phones close to your body while sleeping

Avoid sleeping with a device near your head

The author of the article is Head of Department, Neurosurgery at Global Hospitals, Mumbai.