We will never surrender till Kashmiris get RSD

Indians talk about so called genocide of Kashmiri Pandits but not a word on Gawkadal massacre

If those who butchered scores in Gawkadal are not terrorists, then who else?

Srinagar 21 January: Paying rich tributes to the martyrs of Gawkadal massacre on their 28th anniversary, AIP President Er. Rasheed has said that Indian state and its institutions have failed Kashmiris and killing, blinding, humiliating and denying them justice has become the permanent interpretation of nationalism and patriotism. In a statement issued today, Er. Rasheed said “While Indian media, politicians and a section of pseudo intellectuals with a communal mindset have been often calling few unfortunate killings of Kashmiri Pandits at the hands of unknown persons as genocide but don’t speak even a word on Gawkadal massacre and other worst massacres which took place in every area of Kashmir at the hands of men in uniform. The huge sacrifices offered by Kashmiris deserve a response within India and at the international level. Indian state has used its institutions and huge propaganda machinery to mislead the world community and create confusions about what Kashmiris stand for. The Gawkadal massacre reminds New Delhi and the world community that after 29 years, the will, commitment and desire to get Jammu & Kashmir dispute resolved in accordance with UN resolutions has not only deepened but India is finding it difficult day by day to prove its narrative. If those who butchered scores of unarmed civilians in Gawkadal are not terrorists then who else”. Er. Rasheed added “Kashmiris are not worried with the behavior of New Delhi and are mature enough to understand that the colonial mind set is doing all that what it requires to justify its designs. However truth lies on the side of Kashmiris and they cannot compromise on their stand or surrender before the arrogance and might of New Delhi. The massacres and atrocities committed by men in uniform from 1989 till date have achieved nothing except strengthening anti-India sentiments in Kashmir. New Delhi should realize that neither its denial to deliver justice to the families of Gawkala massacre nor its efforts to demoralize Kashmiris through its political renegades are going to succeed, as the movement doesn’t belong to an individual, organization or any particular community but every Kashmiri has been the victim of brutality and it is not easy for anyone to reconcile without getting the Kashmir dispute resolved as per UN resolutions”.