We will try to score 500-600 runs: Sarfraz Ahmed

SRINAGAR: Pakistan captain Sarfraz Ahmed wants to make a miracle happen against Bangladesh in their last game to qualify in the semi-final of the World Cup.

Bangladesh and Pakistan will face-off against each other in their last game. Bangladesh are already out of the semi-final content while the men in green need to pull off a miracle to make it to the semi-final.

If Bangladesh win the toss and opt to bat first, Pakistan will be eliminated even before a bowl is bowled while if they bat first, they need to score 350 runs and win the match by at least 316 runs.

With an uphill task to complete, Sarfraz said in the press conference that they will try their best to score even 500-600 runs.

“It is very difficult, 316 runs is a big margin. It is not easy to score 500 runs, however we will try our best to achieve it,” the skipper told reporters. “I don’t know what the study is behind this, but I can’t do anything. Definitely, we’re interested in finishing on a high note. So we will try our best in tomorrow’s match.”

The Pakistan captain also said they will play for their pride in the last game and wants to end the tournament on high.

“If you talk about the previous matches, yes, Pakistan lost four, but it is a World Cup match. Both teams look stronger, so hopefully we will do well as a team. We could have won against Australia, but we missed a golden opportunity. We didn’t do well in the initial matches which cost us,” he concluded.