AFSPA should stay on borders, says Farooq Abdullah

AFSPA should stay on borders, says Farooq Abdullah
‘NC worried about India’s security after US troops withdrawal’

Jammu, Feb 4: Union Minister Farooq Abdullah Tuesday said India would have to be “extremely cautious” after the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, and ruled out any security relaxation claiming that “terrorist outfits will try to destabilise” the country, particularly Jammu and Kashmir.
Abdullah said his party was worried about security of the country after the US troops leave Afghanistan.
“We are worried about what is Taliban going to do, what is Al-qaeda going to do? Because there is a feeling that the Pan-Islamism want to spread trough gun and it is going to be dangerous for all of us,” the National Conference chief said.
Referring to its impact on Jammu and Kashmir, he said, “Our region is one (which is in the focus), and we will have to be extremely cautious.”
Speaking on whether there would be security relaxation with the abrogation of the AFSPA, he said, “No, never… Not only in J&K, but in entire India… We should not lower our guard against those forces that are trying to destabilise India.”
“We have to be very cautious. We have to be very very careful in whatever steps we take,” he told reporters on the sidelines of a function to felicitate the state cricket team for their good performance in the recently-concluded Ranji Trophy season.
“That is why it is important that we choose a government that can hold India together and fight the menace of terrorism and create strength,” he added.
The Union minister, however, said the AFSPA should be revoked from areas where it was no longer needed.
He said, “As far as AFSPA abrogation is concerned, NC’s view is that there is no need for AFSPA. It should go from those places where Army is not operating.”
“On the border you need AFSPA. You have got problem from our neighbour. So, you cannot give up from the border areas. But in the hinter lands where there is no question of militancy of that nature, AFSPA should be revoked,” he added. PTI