After militant attacks, Govt will accommodate BJP workers in secure places in all districts: Ashok Kaul

Srinagar: Old party workers are unnerved with the killing of BJP workers, only recently joined workers resign, General Secretary BJP Ashok Kaul said.

Taking exclusively to KNS, he said, “A good number of BJP leaders and workers have been provided security. Actually our membership is right now 2 to 3 lack in Kashmir. BJP has expanded here and many workers were assigned new important responsibilities. It will take some time to give security to all. I was told In all districts, Government has designated a secure place where these workers will be accommodated. We have asked the workers to cooperate with Government till 15th August; everything will be resolved after that.”

“Five BJP workers were killed. One is battling for his life in hospital, BJP is a new party, young men who were fed up with other parties had joined BJP. Today the Budgam man was killed. He was educated and was running his own wood business. He had distributed masks, ration among locals in the pandemic. These type of youngsters are connected with the ideology of BJP. Those forces who do these killings don’t want them to join us. Obviously, when these killings happen, people get scared. Some people who joined recently resign, ” Kaul said.(KNS)