BJP District President Reveals Alleged Nexus: Apni Party, DPAP, and PC Tagged as BJP’s “Cousin Sisters”

During a media interaction following the celebration of BJP’s election victories in three out of four states, Lone as per Srinagar based news gathering agency KDC claimed that these parties are intricately connected with the BJP.

“People should be aware that Apni Party, Azad-led DPAP, and Peoples Conference are part of BJP. They are deceiving people, and at the end of the day, they’re with us,” asserted Naseer Lone.

“Let me make people aware that they should not fall prey to them. If they (people) are joining them (DPAP, AP, and PC), then people should directly join BJP. These parties are like our cousin sisters. They’re with us,” he added.

This revelation has sparked debates and speculations about the political affiliations and connections among these regional parties, with many questioning the dynamics of the alleged relationship between BJP and its “cousin sisters.”

The leaders of Apni Party, DPAP, and Peoples Conference are yet to respond to these claims, leaving the public in suspense about the intricacies of these political connections. (KDC)

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