KEA condemns charges of attempt to murder against JKLF chief Yasin Malik

SRINAGAR: The Kashmir Economic Alliance Chairman Muhammad Yasin Khan has condemned the police charges of attempt to murder against senior Resistance leader Muhammad Yasin Malik and his associates.

In a statement Yasin Khan said it was unfortunate that the ailing leader who heads JKLF has been booked for attempt to murder for merely having staged peaceful protests against right violations in Kashmir.

Khan said such pressure by the Raj Bhawan was only pushing the soft separatism towards the wall. “Is protesting against the killing of seven innocent civilians a crime?”

Seeking intervention of the lawyers’ fraternity, Khan said when people are booked for murder for merely holding peaceful protests the state of policing can only be imagined.

Khan said the development of booking innocents for such frivolous charges would only set a bad precedence.

Khan appealed the Indian civil society to rise to the occasion when even raising voice against human rights abuse is being seen as crime in Kashmir.

A court here Wednesday sent chairman of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front, Yasin Malik to four days remand after police brought charges of attempt to murder against him and his associates.