Winds of change’ damaging PDP at grass root level, admits party

‘Party will go before people with a promise of resolution of Kashmir issue’

Party will go before people with a promise of resolution of Kashmir issue’

Srinagar: Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on Thursday admitted that the winds of change that has resulted in the leaders resigning or expelled from the party has affected the party at the grass root levels.

The party makes a candid admission that despite receiving severe jolts, they would “go before the people with a promise of resolution of Kashmir issue.”

PDP spokesman, Rafi Ahmad Mir while talking to KNO said that the party has suffered at the grass root levels after the leaders either resigned or were expelled from the party.

“There is no doubt that every leader is important in the party. Naturally when he resigns or is being expelled, the party naturally suffers at the grass root level,” he said, adding that the resignations from leaders of being expelled are unfortunate for any party and that should not have been happened.

“Such things usually happen in any party and we will also try to fill the gaps due to these developments,” he added. Asked about the possibility of new faces in the upcoming assembly elections, Mir said, “Yes there would be new faces as well in the assembly elections as the positions of leaders who have resigned or have been expelled are lying vacant. So, there are possibilities of new faces in the next polls.”

About the party’s arrangements for the next polls, Mir said that the zone level meeting were convened which were presided over the by the party president in which the party’s position at grass root level was discussed falling the fall of PDP-BJP bonhomie in the State.

“Now, we will be moving to district headquarters in which the workers will be geared up for the elections till the elections are announced in Jammu and Kashmir,” he added.

He said every party in Jammu and Kashmir is in tight spot when it comes to the elections as the atmosphere here is not conducive and the party’s can’t gear up for the polls amidst such situation.

Asked about the party’s prime agenda in the next polls, Mir said, “The two parties that forged an alliance in the State including PDP and BJP put its agendas at the back burner and now we will go before the people on our own and will promise the people for the resolution of Kashmir issue.”(KNO)