Man marries 42 women throughout his life in Saudi Arabia

A Saudi citizen revealed in a video clip that went viral on X platform that he had married 42 women throughout his life.

“I married 42 women from almost all the tribes,” he said.

He also spoke about his experience and the most loved woman of the 42, but he refused to mentioned her name, saying: “I cannot disclose her name is in the video.”

A large number of X users reacted to the video, as some expressed their sympathy for ex-wives, while others called for amending the marriage system in Saudi Arabia to allow polygamy only 4 times.

Earlier this year, a 90-year-old Saudi man made a sensation on social media platforms after he celebrated his marriage in Afif Governorate for the fifth time.

The users of social networking sites in Saudi Arabia circulated a video clip of the grandson of the elderly Saudi, Nasser Bin Dahim Bin Wahaq Al-Murshidi Al-Otaibi, saying, “Congratulations, my grandfather, on this wedding, and with prosperity and children.”

Nasser Dahim told local media, “My desire for marriage is Sunnah, and it preserves the religion of Islam and the husband, wife, companions and loved ones, and this is from the grace of the Lord of the Worlds.”

Nasser Dahim even appealed to the young people to get married as soon as possible.

Dahim added, laughing: “I want to get married again, because marital life is faith and honour for God, Lord of the Worlds, and it is the comfort of man and the enjoyment of life in this world.”

He continued, “I am happy on the honeymoon, because marriage is a physical comfort and enjoyment, and old age does not prevent marriage. I have 4 children and a deceased son, and my children now have children, and I still want to have other children.”

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