Rapes are routine, says UP DGP

New Delhi: While the public resentment is growing over the increasing number of crime against women in Uttar Pradesh, it seems that it is not only the politicians and the bureaucrats, but even the Police who are racing ahead to put rediculous remark. 

Talking to reporters on Thursday, UP DGP, A L Banerjee had come up with another controversial remark that crime such as rapes are routine.

“..manta hun ghatnaaye ho rahi hai…Har saal mein normal routine hai jisme ghatnaayein hoti rehti hai…isiliye police hai, isiliye administration hai, law and order hai” (I admit that the such incidences are happening. This is the routine every year… That is why police, administration, law and order exist)

His comment came a day after Maharashtra Home Minister R R Patil said that beven deploying policemen in every household will not help since a majority of rapes happen within the confines of home.