Won’t Allow Tenants To Continue Their Business Without Paying Rent: Chairperson Dr. Darakhshan Andrabi

Wakf Board Seals 6 Shops in Budshah Chowk, Traders Call it “Arbitrarily”

Srinagar: Shopkeepers at Budshah Chowk Srinagar on Thursday protested against J&K Wakf Board for sealing half of dozen shops in the area. They said the matter is sub-judice and appealed to Wakf authorities to de-seal the shops so that they will continue their business.

Several shopkeepers at Budshah Chowk Maisuma closed their shops and held a protest against Wakf Board for sealing 6 shops in the area. The shopkeepers told that the matter is related to enhancement in monthly rent tariff which is sub-judice right now. They said they have put forth their genuine argument before the honorable court and whatever decision will comefrom there, it will be abided in letter and spirit by all.

“We came to know that Wakf authorities have sealed our 6 shops on Wednesday late night. We are paying rent as per agreement drafted during previous PDP-BJP coalition government. However later on Wakf Board enhanced rent without taking our side on board which however is hefty for shopkeepers to pay in present tough circumstances. The matter is heard by honorable court and we hope a decision will come to fore soon and will be abided by all,” a shopkeeper told.

He said the decision of sealing shops “arbitrarily” by Wakf Board has disappointed shopkeepers who in reply have shut their shops. He appealed Wakf authorities to de-seal their shops and allow shopkeepers to continue their business.

When contacted Wakf Chairperson Dr. Darakhshan Andrabi told KNS that authorities won’t allow tenants of Wakf properties to continue their business without paying rent. “Shops sealed by Wakf Board have occupied the properties illegally. Their lease have also expired years ago, and still owes 9.50 lac rupees,” Dr. Andrabi said.

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